ArkWorld Vol. 1 Sells Out and Gets a Second Printing

ArkWorld Vol. 1, the debut issue of a new prestige format series from Devil’s Due Comics by Josh Blaylock and Travis Hymel has sold out at the distributor level. A second printing has been ordered for September, as vol. 2 will be released in November – featuring a cover variation on the original first printing Daniel Leister cover.

Originally slated for an April release, the 48 page prestige format title was intentionally delayed while the events surrounding Covid 19, and changes in industry distribution, disrupted the comic book market. Despite aggressively overprinting pre-orders with a risk that they may be reduced due to stresses on comic book stores, the quantity actually doubled by the time orders were adjusted for the new September release date, after printed product shipped. The resulting increase has caused an immediate depletion of almost all inventory.

ArkWorld hails the launch of a brand new genre of sci-fi Blaylock coins as “Archeopunk”. A story that questions, what if civilization didn’t begin six thousand years ago, but was simply being reset after a massive, global catastrophe thousands of years earlier?

In vol. 1 readers meet a couple who abruptly find themselves swept up in a deep state conspiracy that threatens the globe. Only, the year is 11,000 BCE, and the world at this time is nothing like we have been told. Nor does our couple know the role they will play in the survival of society’s knowledge in the years to come.

ArkWorld Vol. 1