Brendan Columbus takes us to the Savage Circus in Heavy Metal

Brendan Columbus

Heavy Metal Magazine and creator Brendan Columbus take us to the Savage Circus, which kicked-off in the landmark Heavy Metal #300, on-sale now. Savage Circus is Columbus’ first foray into comics and is a collaboration with artist Al Barrionuevo.

Savage Circus tells the story of a fictional town, Basin Bay, where a circus train carrying a ferocious circus menagerie collected by mad ringleader Lewis Savage has overturned on the only road in or out after a crash with an armored car filled with the town’s stolen fortune. With no power, no communications, and animals on the loose, it’s looking to be a blood-red Christmas.

Key to Heavy Metal’s new serialization strategy is the forthcoming Elements initiative, where the publisher will repackage key serials from the flagship magazine into a stand-alone format with additional lore, original artwork, and inks-only pages in a gallery format at a $2.99 price point. Savage Circus, in the Elements format, will be available in
comic shops on October 21, 2020. Heavy Metal #300, featuring Savage Circus, is on-sale everywhere now. The serial’s first volume runs through Heavy Metal #309.