Small Press Expo Wants You to Register to Vote… for the Virtual 2020 Ignatz Awards

Ignatz 2020 logo design by Ebony Flowers
Ignatz 2020 logo design by Ebony Flowers

Small Press Expo’s 2020 Ignatz Awards, recognizing this year’s outstanding achievements in comics by small press creators, will be held online for the first time. In past years the Ignatz Awards have been a festival prize to be voted on only by attendees of the show, this year’s virtual event will open voting to all who have registered. 
Please register to vote by following this link.

Key dates for the 2020 Ignatz Awards

August 11 – Voter registration begins
August 26 – Announcement of Ignatz 2020 Nominees
August 28 – Voting begins with ballots emailed to all registered voters
September 4 – Voter registration ends
September 5 – Voting for the 2020 Ignatz Awards end
September 12 – Online Presentation of Ignatz Award winners

Everyone registering to vote after the initial ballots are mailed on August 28 will be emailed ballots soon after registration.

The Ignatz Awards ceremony will be live-streamed on Saturday night, September 12 at 8PM Eastern Time over the SPX Youtube channel.