The Comic Arts Workshop Goes Virtual

Instructor Ramon Gil
Instructor Ramon Gil

On March 3, The Comic Arts Workshop held it’s last live event in Manhattan’s Chelsea district. That night’s featured guest speaker was Valiant editor Lysa Hawkins. Since then the workshop has hosted David Saylor from Scholastic, Heidi MacDonald from the Beat, Alison Wilgus from Graphic Novel TK, and Jaydee Rosario from Unstoppable Comics. All on Zoom. That’s 4 months worth of events forced online due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Though the reasons might be dark, the shift to virtual events has allowed The Comic Arts Workshop to get attendees from around the world since they no longer have to be held in person. This sudden move to virtual has also given the workshop the impetus and opportunity to beef up the format and content.

It has pivoted beyond moving to virtual events.

The Comic Arts Workshop now offers curated content, mini-coaching sessions, virtual bullpen sessions, an online community, and weekly lessons for folks who want to become confident and prolific comic and graphic novel creators.

Quarantining has been a boon to many businesses with online content delivery models. Netflix, TikTok, Udemy and Facebook are seeing tremendous surges in their user engagement. Ironically, now is a great time to have a web-based business.

The workshop can be found at Enrollment for Fall 2020 closes on August 7.