Recap/Review : Umbrella Academy S2E4 “The Majestic 12”

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 4

Considering the level of Leonard/Harold vibes I got from Lila when she was introduced I was still surprised when the end of the last episode gave us the big reveal. This episode started by giving us a little more backstory on Lila and her relationship to the OG Handler and the Commission and we find out that her new mission is to protect Number Five and not kill him. A battered Luther wakes up to a still amnesiac Vanya and they reconnect and have a heart to heart where he tells her what really happened at the apocalypse. Vanya heads back to the farm because she doesn’t want to be involved and Allison tries to track down her husband but, some hospitals don’t treat negroes. Five heads back to Diego, Elliot and undercover/double agent op Lila and they work on a plan to track down their dad, who they find out is a member of a shadow government that secretly runs things. And, Klaus is on his own personal mission to save Dave and it goes about as well as you’d expect.

Key Scene: when Harlan hears that Vanya is leaving he takes off and drowns near the farm but, Vanya brings him back from the dead by lifting the whole lake up with her powers and in doing so accidentally transfers her powers to him.

Episode MVP: Klaus and Ben. Ben is the conscience that Klaus need and Klaus is the conduit for Ben to live a little. Klaus gives up on his three years of sobriety after his run-in with Dave and gets tracked down by his followers causing him to flee again. The two of them are fun to watch and provide a fun and interesting perspective on all of the very real issues that they are dealing with either directly or indirectly.

Big Reveal: Grace , robot mom, is modeled and named after a real woman that he met in Dallas and it gives Hargreeves a bit of a soul and I’m not just talking about his sick AF dance-like fighting skills. It shows he has a heart and watching Diego have a brief moment with her and watching the joy and sadness fall across his face when they meet it, sweet and telling.

Touching Moment: Allison meeting up with Luther at the outdoor eatery, as they embrace after seeing themselves for the first time in years (or decades, depending on how you look at it) and the clever and emotional style choice of having all of the people who were thee before and after the hug disappear while they embrace and things go silent making the scene all the more powerful.

Overall: This show is amazing, the writers, the stylization, the AMAZING Emmy worthy performances by the stellar cast, the timing, the not sweeping to the side political and social issues, everything Umbrella Academy does is pure magic and even though we are only four episodes in, this season already surpasses Season One in every way and considering how much we loved it, that’s a very big compliment and a super high bar to set.

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