Review: Firebrand #2


The evil step-parent trope has been around for years and throughout every medium. The Harry Potter franchise made the main character so indelible because of the relationship he has with his aunt and uncle. The thing is, in real life, that whole relationship is quite tricky. To say that you only need to be a diplomat is quite an understatement.

As life goes on we require affection outside of our family. The one thing some parents fail to take into consideration is how the children receive that person or if that person if even likes children. As that relationship is paramount to whether the vessel is broken on arrival. In Jessica Chobot, Erika Lewis, and Claudia Aguirre’s second issue of Firebrand, our protagonist finds her powers as her relationship with her stepmother comes to a reckoning.

We find Natali and her stepmother in a one way heated exchange, as she told quite vehemently her new role now that her stepmother is in her life. As her stepmother’s true nature comes out right before her father takes the stage at a political rally. A slap by her stepmother inadvertently unleashes her powers, mistakenly hurting her stepmother. By the issue’s end, her father makes a decision to send her away, something that she finds a way to thwart.

Overall, a story that adds new elements of surprise with every chapter. The story by Chobot and Lewis is thrilling. The art by Aguirre is stunning. Altogether, a story that all readers can enjoy.

Story: Jessica Chobot and Erika Lewis Art: Claudia Aguirre
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy