SUBSUME Media Launches


SUBSUME Media has launched today focused on speculative fiction, S.T.E.M., and a goal to provide quality stories and trans-media experiences for readers, students, and clients. The company was founded by Dedren Snead and Marco Lopez. Also onboard are Allison Chaney Whitmore, and Robert Jeffrey II.

The publisher will cover everything from comics to virtual reality workshops with a goal to help marginalized voices be heard.

As a part of their launch, SUBSUME Media has teamed with mobile app developer, Sciberus, to create a comic book series, set within the world of their augmented reality educational game, Armadus. A Kickstarter will be launched later this year for pre-orders of the Armadus #0.

Upcoming titles include

  • Poe – Writer, Creator: Allison Chaney Whitmore, Artist: To be announced – A skeptical young code breaker fights an Edgar-Allan-Poe-themed curse threatening to annihilate her family’s hometown in contemporary Long Island. (Coming Soon)
  • Monday Morning Blues – Writer, Co-Creator: Marco Lopez, Artist, Co-Creator: Vincent Kukua – Five military brats wake up one Monday morning to find they’re the only ones left on the base, while Lovecraftian creatures roam the streets. (Winter 2020)
  • Sorghum & Spear: The Series – Co-writer: Sarah Macklin, Co-writer: Dedren Snead, Artist: To be announced – An African fantasy saga of young girls called to serve their people in a time of war during their ages of innocence. (Coming soon)
  • Sorghum & Spear: The Antillean Islands – Writer: Marco Lopez, Artist: Sean Damien Hill – Anacaona is a princess who dreams of being a warrior. Loiza is a warrior who dreams of any other life but the one she was born into. Soon their worlds will collide when they fight back against generations of tradition. (Coming soon)
  • Soul Nebula: The Consulars – Writer: Robert Jeffrey II, Artist: Matteo Illuminati, Colorist & Letterer: Loris Ravina – In a universe ravaged by war, the crew of the Baiser-Espace seeks to right the hateful and racist wrongs of Earth’s past within the current fractured cosmic landscape. (Winter 2020)
  • Villians and Vinyl – Writer, Co-creator: Greg Burnham, Writer, Co-creator: Dedren Snead, Artist: To be announced – This futuristic, Sci Fi, Hip Hop Saga is a “coming of age” tale that follows Elaine and her crew of misfits as they navigate the streets of Atlanta (2040’s AD) while in search for the perfect sound, they end up finding something way more valuable, something that could change the world as they know it!! (Coming soon)