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Preview: It’s Your Funeral

It’s Your Funeral

WRITER: Emily Riesbeck 
Ellen Kramer, Matt Krotzer
TRIM: 6 x 9
GENRE: Paranormal / Humorous / Depression
SRP: $15
FORMAT: Trade Paperback
PUB DATE: July 21, 2020
ISBN #: 9781945820526

When we first meet our hero, Marnie, she has just departed this plane of existence, but she’s not too broken up about it; her struggles with misery in life were getting too exhausting. Her first stop is the Department of Spectral Affairs, a bureaucratic nightmare of office politics and terrible filing systems in the Great Beyond, staffed with case workers who help spirits stop lingering on Earth. But Marnie’s case worker, Xel, can’t find any deep connections or unfinished business left behind by Marnie, so she can’t diagnose the closure she needs to pass on. And that’s when she hits upon a brilliant idea: hire Marnie instead! 

The touching and hilarious cases that follow showcase a broad spectrum of humanity, the ties that bind, and the many complicated things that can keep us mired in place instead of evolving. Along the way we follow Marnie through her own dawning mental health awareness. When she first comes to the DSA she expects them to fuss over and then abandon her just like everyone had in life, but Xel isn’t giving up so easy. Marnie’s slow journey towards being accepted (and accepting that) is just as sweet and life affirming as it sounds. As interdimensional co-worker V’qttyr says at a key moment, “Look at us! We’re a hot mess, but at least we still try every day.”

It’s Your Funeral