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Review: Firebrand #1


As a fan of Salem and Charmed, I’ve always been fascinated by the witch archetype. I grew up watching then reruns of Bewitched, and remember being mesmerized by the twitch of Elizabeth Montgomery’s nose. Then came the ultra hilarious Hocus Pocus and the dark comedy of Witches of Eastwick. All of these gave readers a variety of how the witch was portrayed, versus its much antiquated medieval models.

Though each of them showcased a unique take, it never felt like any of these characters were relatable. The most recent reboot of Charmed sought to rectify this but ended up feeling forced. Netflix did one better by giving us Always A Witch which gave us a black protagonist in modern Spain. In Jessica Chobot, Erika Lewis, and Claudia Aguirre’s debut issue of Firebrand, we meet a protagonist much like Always A Witch’s Carmen, who is far from your ordinary.

We meet Natali Presano, on the day of her birth, where her parents are gushing over their newborn daughter, as a family secret comes to light. Where we find out Natali’s mom, Elysia, comes from a long line of witches in Spain, who are known to be the most powerful ever, as Natali’s birth, would lead to Elysia’s death and her father alone to raise her. As her life would not be easy for her and her Dad, but it was not all easy and it was not all bad, as he would eventually remarry. By issue’s end, her new stepmother is not as nice as it seems and she may have inherited some of her mother’s powers.

Overall, an excellent story which follows the tracks of this well-told genre and gives reader a protagonist who will remind some of Harry Potter but is a hero in her own right. The story by Jessica Chobot and Erika Lewis is well developed and well characterized. The art by Claudia Aguirre is gorgeous. Altogether, a story that readers will both enjoy and be challenged by.

Story: Jessica Chobot and Erika Lewis Art: Claudia Aguirre
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy