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Review: Discombobulated: Mistook


Misunderstandings happen every day which is why communication is so crucial. You never want to have your intentions, actions, or words to be misconstrued. As a single cisgender male, I often wonder if a smile or being friendly may be taken the wrong way. I cannot count on my hands how many times women have taken it as me hitting on them and just not being friendly.

Then there are times when I show interest and the women do not find me attractive or only see me as a friend. This is a constant struggle for most men. You want to be yourself but you don’t want to come off the wrong way either. In the fifth story arc of the hilarious and relevant Discombobulated, our protagonist has gotten caught up in a rather awkward situation.

We find David, free from Annie, out with a new male friend, who he soon finds out misconstrued their encounter as a date and assumed he was bisexual. As his new friend’s initial assumption is based on his social media profile, leading to why he thought David was in the first place. As David’s new friend starts to explain why he thought David was bisexual, he eventually objectifies him. By story’s end, even though David is not attracted to him, he attempts to break things off amicably.

Overall, a funny chapter that shows the complexity of perception. The story by David F. Walker is appealing and enjoyable. The art by DJ Parnell and Marcus Kwame is striking. Altogether, a story that shows how important first impressions are.

Story: David F Walker Art: DJ Parnell  & Marcus Kwame
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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