Birdcage Bottom Books is Raising Money for the ACLU

Birdcage Bottom Books

Despite economic hardship, Birdcage Bottom Books will be donating proceeds from their publications to the ACLU over the next week. The artists will still receive royalties on their comics.

From the announcement:

This year has been really rough for all of us. I try to stay positive and optimistic, but I’m not going to lie, it has been difficult to maintain in 2020. Although BBB is struggling financially as comic shops close and people’s disposable income dries up, we do want to help those who have struggled not just in 2020 but since they were forced into slavery and have always had the deck stacked against them.

Birdcage Bottom Books is also a distributor, so this only applies to BBB products and not items for other artists and publishers.

You can shop now and see your money go to a good cause.