Register to Vote

Today, believe it or not, 8 states and the District of Columbia have elections. Through the rest of June, 11 more states go to the polls. While the nominees of the two major political parties have largely been decided, the General Election has not.

Voting is one of the most powerful things we can do. While it is flawed, and I can go on about our choices, this upcoming election the choice is clear. But, there’s more than just the Presidency at stake. We need to vote at every level of government, Senate, House, Governors, local officials, so many are on the ballot. Those local offices are especially important as they’re the ones that drive and oversee the policies under which the police operate, schools educate, social services are delivered.

You can help set the direction of this country at the ballot box. It’s one of the tools to create change for the better.

November 3 is the important election date but you need to register to vote first. Below is the form to fill out through Rock the Vote that’ll help you get registered!