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Gail Simone is Auctioning George Perez Wonder Woman Art to Raise Money for Black Lives Matter

Comic creator Gail Simone took to Twitter on Tuesday to recount her experience with Wonder Woman and the creator George Perez. She had the honor of writing Perez’s final to Wonder Woman.

Perez then gifted Simone the final two pages of the story. And as she describes them they have “more value” to her than anything else.

Simone is putting up the “very last page of George Perez’s legendary Wonder Woman work” to help raise money for Black Lives Matter.

But beyond just the page, Gail is including a signed and personalized Wonder Woman Omnibus, two signed and numbered Wonder Woman scripts, the original art signed by George Perez, a sketch by Colleen Doran, and a signed sketch of Diana and Philipus from George Perez himself. Dodeca Donuts is also donating one of their products for free to the winner of Gail’s auction.

The auction ends at 12:00 PDT/7pm GMT on WEdnesday June 3, 2020. It’s currently at $5,000. If you’d like to bid, use #WonderWomanLot.

You can start to read Gail’s full thread below.

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