Review: Sorcerority #3


There are turning points in a story where it goes form typical to intriguing. This narrative device in procedural stories becomes entrenched. There’s something new to be found in them but it does not mean there is nothing meaningful there. What usually speaks to most is the flaws the characters exhibit.

Take, for instance, Harry Potter, whose life is marred by bad family, family secrets, and awkwardness. All these elements make for a history that’s quite intriguing. This is what pulls most of us into these stories. In the third chapter of Mikhail Sebastian and George Watson’s elaborate webcomic, Sorcerority, Melanie, finds an old family relic which saves her life.

We are taken to the 1863 Civil War South Carolina, where a battle is raging on, and young Black soldier, finds a strange metal rod fall from the sky, as he holds it, he feels something powerful emanating from it. As he faces certain death, the rod empowers him to use it, unleashing an array of supernatural occurrences across the battlefield. Fast Forward to modern-day, and Melanie is trying to grasp what happened in Urban Magica while holding this powerful wand, and two strange men show up, wanting it back. By the issue’s end, Melanie’s family house is on fire, prompting to her ask why this thing is so important.

Overall, Sorcerority #3 is a thrilling chapter that opens the story to more questions. The story by Sebastian and Watson is powerful. The art is dazzling. Altogether, a story that only gets better every chapter.

Story: Mikhail Sebastian and George Watson Art: Mikhail Sebastian
Story: 9.4 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy