Review: Sorcerority #2

Sorcerority #2

There’s always that glimmer of light, that moment when you understand something someone has been telling you your whole life. We rarely get to put these things together the way we would like. This is especially true coming from our parents. There’s always a level of cynicism when it comes to advise from those closest to us.

That is why there’s regret when we realize they have been telling us the right things our whole lives. This becomes what is still surprising of adults, is that most cannot concede when they are. Instead, they really should appreciate that moment, because, for most, that is when it matters. In the second chapter of Mikhail Sebastian and George Watson’s webcomic, Sorcerority, Melanie finds outs what hides in the shadows of Excursia as family secrets come to the forefront.

We find Melanie and her friends, gathering supplies for a conjuring spell, which comes up fruitless, except a broken wand with a strange engraving. Their research leads them to Urban Magica, the metropolitan section of the Magic District, to seek out Black Market magic dealers, ones whose reputations would give most, a bit of apprehension. By issue’s end, Melanie, not everything goes as planned, but Melanie finds out that some things left unexplained are better demonstrated.

Overall, a great second issue, that looks to more than add a few tones of sepia but a whole paradigm shift. The story by Sebastian and Watson is exciting and intellectual. The art is stunning. Altogether, this team is looking to show the world there is more to magic than Harry Potter.

Story: Mikhail Sebastian and George Watson Art: Mikhail Sebastian
Story: 9.4 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy