Review: Arms of the Dragon #2

Arms of the Dragon #2

When it comes to action stars, not many do it as good as Sammo Hung. Many people have never heard of him but if you’re a fan of Kung Fu films you would most certainly know who he is. He’s a very good friend of Jackie Chan and has starred in many films with the international action star. In fact, they can be considered Simon Pegg and Nick Frost before there was Simon Pegg and Nick Frost but instead of the comedy genre, the whole Hong Kong film industry.

One of my favorite movies by the duo is Mr. Nice Guy where the two were at the top of their form,. They often infusing comedy in this otherwise action-packed film. The movie showcased the two best friends’ chemistry in a way that most film fans wished they collaborated more. In Noir Ceasar’s second chapter of Arms of the Dragon, much like Chan and Hung, best friends must come together to move forward.

We find Tosh’s gang shortly after killing Shou’s big brother, thankfully the police arrive, but unbeknownst to Shou, they are being paid by Tosh, leaving the family vulnerable to these predators. This forces Shou’s dad, Benji, to sign this restaurant over, but right when they thought it was over, Tosh executes Benji for what he feels is a slight. Right when Shou, thought it could not get worse, Tosh’s gang kills the rest of his family and burns their family restaurant down. By the issue’s end, Shou inherits something he would never imagine.

Overall, Arms of the Dragon #2 is a heart-wrenching chapter that will have the reader gasping. The story by Marcus Johnson and John Lawrence is powerful. The art by Chris Krady is stunning. Altogether, a story that feels as raw as any crime story.

Story: Marcus Johnson and John Lawrence Art: Chris Krady
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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