Review: Disaster, Inc. #1

Disaster Inc #1

A story about tourism when we can’t go anywhere is a weird sort of escapism. A story about tourism to disaster areas feels appropriate. Disaster, Inc. #1 kicks off an interesting concept of a series.

At its heart, the story is about a rather shady individual running a tourism company that takes those willing to pay into dangerous zones they’re not supposed to go. In this case, the series begins with Fukushima, Japan which was impacted by a nuclear meltdown after a tidal wave.

But, of course that’s not all there is.

Writer Joe Harris gives us a touch of the supernatural kicking off the issue with two researchers who meet an untimely demise. Why and how? Well, that’s the mystery we’re going to figure out, it’s just the tourists have no idea that’s what lays ahead for them.

Harris also delivers a cast that’s generally unlikeable. Beyond the abused assistant Abby, all the tourists and the two other individuals running the tourism operation all come off as people I want to see catch radiation poisoning. And that makes the series really intriguing. Imagine a slasher horror film where you want to see everyone die. There’s something oddly satisfying in that.

The art by Sebastian Piriz with lettering by Carlos M. Mangual is solid. The characters all have personality oozing from how they’re depicted. What Harris doesn’t hint at for personalities through the dialogue, we get the rest of the story through clothing and body language. There’s also some beautiful moments full of unease oozing with unforeseen dread.

Disaster, Inc. #1 kicks off a really intriguing new series from a solid creative team. The concept feels fresh and different. It also feels rather timely considering all of the chaos we’re surrounded by. It’s a different sort of series delivering a little entertaining horror to the real world.

Story: Joe Harris Artist: Sebastian Piriz
Color: Sebastian Piriz Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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