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Valiant Hero Of The Week: It’s Ninjak vs. Batman, Daredevil, Wolverine, and Captain America!

Valiant Hero of the Week

Every Monday for the next few weeks, Valiant Entertainment is running a poll on their Twitter feed to provide fans with some escapism while new comics are in short supply. The poll allows Valiant fans the opportunity to select the Hero Of The Week from four choices – this past week, the poll featured Ninjak, Faith, Roku and Ivar, Timewalker. That week’s hero will then be the focus of free pdfs featuring the character, videos from Valiant staff, giveaways and more.

Faith won the poll this week, which was presented as who would be most likely to win a karaoke contest. I totally understand why Faith won the poll, but I was a little disappointed that I’ll have to wait for a little to showcase Ninjak. Depending on when this goes live you’ve probably seen at the very least Graphic Policy’s favorite Faith covers, and you can still expect to see our recommendations of the best stories featuring Faith. Just because I was looking forward to (and hoping for) a week to feature Ninjak doesn’t mean I will ignore Faith.

But I really wanted to explore how Ninjak would fare against Batman, Wolverine, and various other comic book characters who fall roughly within his skill and power level. So I decided to throw in a little bonus this week for fans of Valiant’s purple loving ninja.

But who is Ninjak?

A blend of Batman and James Bond. Colin King is at the peak of human conditioning, both physical and mental, has access to near limitless financial resources. Ninjak is a mercenary, also works on contract for MI6 as a high tech ninja operative. If you’re looking for something familiar from Valiant, then you’d think that Ninjak would scratch the Batman itch, but unlike Batman, Ninjak has no problem using his weapons to their full deadly potential. The similarities between Batman and Ninjak are obvious at first glance; both are highly trained billionaires who live in massive houses with highly specialized equipment, both are very intelligent men who have been highly trained in various forms of martial arts. Both wear masks that don’t completely cover their face.

I’m not going to list Ninjak’s equipment, skills or anything. You can find that here if you want to look (just scroll to the bottom of the page unless you want to read a full biography). Suffice it to say, Ninjak is every bit as capable a fighter as you can expect to find.


But the real question (or questions) that we’re all looking forward to answering are whether Ninjak could defeat…


I was going to leave this until the end, but this is what I wanted to explore most with this article/list/whatever you want to call it.

Could Ninjak concevably beat Batman in a random encounter fight? I think that he could, for a lot of the reasons outlined above regarding their similarity – depending on whether the writer decided to follow the Bat-god formula where Batman can beat anybody with a half hour’s preparation, or if it is the version of Batman we’ve seen lately in Scott Snyder, Tom King, and James Tynon IV’s respective runs of the character.

If we’re looking at that version of Batman, then yes. I absolutely believe Ninjak could beat Batman. Here’s why:

Both Batman and Ninjak are very similar. For all intents and purposes Ninjak is Valiant’s version of Batman, or as close as the publisher is likely to get. They’re both expert martial artists and weapon masters with a vast arsenal of technology at their disposal, and both like to be prepared. So when you pit them against each other, the only major difference is that Ninjak has no problem killing his enemies. His tech is designed to make him more lethal, whereas Batman is fundamentally opposed to killing. If all is equal between the two, Batman’s refusal to take a life could be all the advantage Ninjak needs. It would be a long, close fight, but I think that Batman walking into somebody equally as skilled as he is with no compunction not to kill and no chance to plan ahead would ultimately prove too much for the Dark Knight. We’ve seen it before with The Batman Who Laughs, and we’d see it again with Ninjak and his swords.

I realize the argument is essentially boiling down to the fact Batman won’t kill, but sometimes it can be the smallest things that decide a fight, and if Batman is unprepared, then Ninjak wins the first fight. But Batman would win the rematch(es).


Really, the only advantage Daredevil has is that he will always know where Ninjak is coming from… but does that mean he could actually stop him? Daredevil has fought hundreds of Hand ninjas in his life, but Ninjak is more than a Hand ninja. For one thing, he’d mow through Marvel’s cannon fodder, but he also utilizes more technology than the Hand would conceive of. Another close fight, but I can’t see Daredevil being able to beat Ninjak, though I think it would be a hard fought battle.

I think it would be a far more brutal fight than Batman vs Ninjak, and there will be a period where Daredevil has Ninjak off balance while tries to use various visual tricks (smoke bombs) that will have no impact on the Marvel hero. Eventually, however, Daredevil’s lack of armour in his costume will play a big role in his defeat; you can’t avoid Ninjak’s blades forever.


Here’s the thing with Ninjak fighting Wolverine; it isn’t that Ninjak couldn’t get the upper hand, I just don’t think he could keep it long enough to actually win. Wolverine’s fighting skill is often over looked in the comics, because he’s an unstoppable savage when fighting; he doesn’t need to use all his skill most fights he gets into because of his healing factor. And when part of your fighting style is to soak damage with your healing factor while also being a highly trained fighter, it leaves Ninjak a little out of his depth. But this would be a fantastic fight to watch, nonetheless.

If it wasn’t for Wolverine’s healing factor, then I’d probably be more inclined to give the nod to Ninjak. At least the fight would be closer to a toss up at that point, but as it is, there’s no way he could beat Logan in a random encounter.

Captain America

The only way I honestly see Ninjak coming away victorious in this battle is if Captain America is distracted by something he can’t control, enabling Ninjak to land an incapacitating blow. Otherwise, Cap’s stamina and strength coupled with his fighting skills are going to be too much for Ninjak to overcome. I see this being a long, drawn out fight that’s more likely to end with a ceasefire than an outright victory, but Ninjak will be hard pressed to gain the upper hand.

You may argue that Batman has beaten Captain America before, and therefore should be able to beat Ninjak. But if that A beats B so can beat C logic is followed, then Wolverine should be able to defeated Superman because he beat Lobo (and we all know that’d never happen). Batman was able to take advantage of Cap’s momentary loss of focus when they confronted each other (in Marvel Verses DC), and it’d be the same set of circumstances that I see Ninjak needing to win over the super soldier.

This was a Marvel heavy list, but it also made more sense to me to list off folks that Ninjak is more likely to come across. I was going to include Deathstroke, but the reason I think Ninjak would lose is almost the same as why I think Wolverine would win (likewise for Deadpool). If Valiant run another poll featuring Ninjak, I expect there’ll be another version of this, but if you want more Ninjak then you can check out the Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe webseries on Youtube.

Alternatively, you can check out the first volume of the 2015 series, Weaponeer at the links below.

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