Recap: DCs Legends of Tomorrow S5E10 “The Great British Fake Off”

Up until this episode, the Encore showing was small, contained, and for the most part not nearly as badass as I was expecting with the plethora of historical baddies at the CW writer’s disposal. Since the show is always a whole bop and my favorite CW/DC collab, the writer’s kept us on our toes and pretty busy with all the subplots, side stories, and easter eggs so, I didn’t really mind. In Bake Off we get more baddies than we can shake a totem at and then some starting off with Jack the Ripper himself and then a boarding house check in line of some of the baddest badasses in history! While Z and Constantine try to track down the loom piece, hidden in a ring, in the past, Ava heads to hell with Mick and Gary who gets them there, to hunt for Astra, in his first solo wizard mission. Nate and Charlie/Colotha are kicking it back on the Waverider with some beers watching over Sara who’s experiencing some after-effects of the energy bolt from Charlie’s killer sister.

Villains Villains Everywhere: This episode had more Encores than expected and somehow it didn’t overburden the plot or come off too on the nose. Jack wasn’t the only hellish baddie to come out to play, Bonnie & Clyde, Brutus, Black Caesar, and Henry VIII all make an appearance but, they’re not even close to the baddest bad guy of the night. The honor of that crown lies solely on the head of Charlie’s oldest sister/Astra’s mentor Lachesis who shapeshifter her way into Astra’s office to steal her soul coins and get the loom for herself along with her sister Atropos so they can get back to business, as usual, affecting the lives of humans.

The Good Stuff: Mick wanting to get out of hell to see his newly found daughter Lita’s soccer game is more of the baddie with the heart of gold side of him that we love to see. Zari and Constantine drinking to forget so that they can find the ring and learning to see the other’s worth and darkest secrets.

The Double Cross: Lachesis offers Astra the chance to become a fate and take Charlie’s place which Astra agrees to exchange for Constantine’s soul coin which seems like a decent deal. The writers have laid down so many hints and character nuggets that we knew the cross was coming the second the fates basically told her that if they found the ring, she wasn’t getting her mom back but, it was completely believable that the singularly focused fates wouldn’t be able to fathom her making any choice besides power.

The Surprise Twist: Freaking Enchantress turning out to be the inn keeper AND leader of the fates was nice and technically a double twist at the open and the close of the episode and it was amazing.

The Big Picture: Legends is one of the busiest shows on TV but, the writers, directors, and cast make it so engaging that the hour feels like that big holiday plate, filled with a bunch of different things that you like, that you finish super quick because it’s so good and then feel a bit empty and want more; not because it wasn’t good but, because it was so good you want to do it again! Legends is that plate and this episode was no exception, in fact, it was that plate with dessert as a part of a 7-course meal because it started to tie together all the pieces that came before it and prep you for the after-meal drink.

Overall 9.8