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Warren Ellis Says His Own Comic Imprint is Dead But a New Initiative is on the Way

Wildstorm WIldcats

Warren Ellis‘ newsletter gives an interesting look behind the curtains that is the comic industry. In his latest, he discusses how the current COVID-19 pandemic has impacted his plans.

He reveals that the current impact on comics has ended what was his building his “own imprint at a comics publisher.” One would guess that publisher was DC where he was bringing back the Wildstorm world and an announced upcoming project has been canceled.

But, when one door closes another opens.

Ellis goes on to say he’s helping ANOTHER publisher with a new initiative. Guesses as to who this publisher is?

Here’s what he has to say:

Well, I’m having to re-plan pretty much the next two years of my life. I was building my very own imprint at a comics publisher, but the lockdown and the general fuckery of trusting your exclusive distribution in comics shops and bookstores to a single entity who immediately upon lockdown announced that they weren’t paying anybody pretty much put paid to that and the serial print comics business.

I’m helping out another publishing partner with a new initiative – we’re calling that PROJECT GENEVA, and the contracts have been exchanged — but my hoped-for happy few years alternating tv work with releasing streams of new original comics material into the world is not to be.

You can sign up for the newsletter yourself.

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