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Valiant Hero Of The Week: Unity Vs. the X-Men

The super team Unity gets the spotlight this week as the winner of Valiant‘s “Hero of the Week. Fans chose the team over KI:6, Psi-Lords and Secret Weapons, and because the twenty five issue Unity series works best as a companion to X-O Manowar, its ability to stand alone as a great read is questionable. There are fantastic moments, and some great single issues, but my experience when reading the series was muddled and confusing because I read from #1-25 without ever having touched an issue of X-O Manowar, Ninjak and Harbinger. So instead of looking at different books, I thought it would be fun to see whether Valiant’s best could beat various other super teams in a brawl.

A couple things to remember before we start;

  • This is all for fun.
  • Characters will all be from the main universe. No Elseworlds, What Ifs, etc.
  • I’m basing this off what characters would do, not what they could do. Yeah, Superman could literally rip Ninjak in half. But would he? Not unless he’s dark and evil, and that’s just not Superman.
  • I’ll be sticking with one roster of the team, which will be either one of the classic rosters or the most well known (for example, don’t be surprised to see the Guardians of the Galaxy movie team or the X-Men from Giant Size X-Men #1. This way I’m not pitting every single Avenger against Unity in one brawl.
  • We’re going to assume that the battle is entirely unexpected, in a city neighborhood neither team is entirely familiar with.

Unity Roster

Top: X-O Manowar, Gin-GR
Bottom from left: Eternal Warrior, Ninjak, Livewire

The Eternal Warrior – an immortal weapons master and tactician with enhanced strength, stamina, durability and reflexes.
Livewire – able to “talk” to and control machines. Any machine or technology is her plaything, regardless of how sophisticated the technology is.
Ninjak – a ninja who has embraced technology. A man born to wealthy British parents who worked for MI:6 before dying, he was also raised by his butler. Who wasn’t as kind or loving as Alfred. Ninjak is well trained as Batman with similar resources, but has no compunctions about the use of deadly force.
X-O Manowar – a man wearing a sentient suit of armour that grants him incredible power. Flight, strength, speed, stamina, energy projection, limited invulnerability and an intuitive adaptability are great tools to have in any weapon, but the man wearing the armour is also a highly skilled combatant in his own right.
Gin-GR – a fifty foot sentient robot that is as friendly as she is deadly, and with her nucleor level destructive power… she’s pretty damn friendly.

X-Men Roster

I went back and forth on which roster to use for this, and ended up going with the group from the X-Men: The Animated Series because I’ve been watching that far too much lately, and that’s a pretty balanced line up of mutants that doesn’t include every mutant you could possibly think of.

For those of you who have never seen the cartoon, or don’t recall the line up, expect to see Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Gambit, Rogue, Beast, Jean Grey and Jubilee. Is this the best line up of X-Men to go against Unity? Maybe, maybe not, but there’s enough of the core experienced X-Men here to be effective.

The Battle

If the two groups came upon each other out of the blue with each convinced they were facing off with villains, the way I see the fight playing out is as follows;

Unity are out numbered 2-1, so I see Valiant’s heroes attacking hard and fast. Their willingness to use ruthless force will help them in the initial exchange, so I see X-O Manowar attacking first, with Rogue rising to the challenge of stopping the armoured warrior. Gambit would try to provide back up, but would soon be too busy trying to fend off the Eternal Warrior.

Wolverine’s natural aversion to ninjas would likely see him charge Ninjak, who could distract the Canadian for some time with the various bombs and shurikens he has on him. Whether X-O Manowar could peel himself away from Rogue long enough to send a few blasts Wolverine’s way, or if Eternal Warrior can dispatch Gambit quickly before assisting Ninjak would be interesting things to see. If nothing else, I’d love to see Eternal Warrior verses Wolverine.

Given Gin-GR’s size and similarity to a Sentinel, I would expect to see most of the X-Men concentrate fire on her. Depending on how fast Gin-GR decides to use her full capacity, this likely wouldn’t end well for the X-Men as the robot would be able to incapacitate

Which leaves Livewire, who should be focusing on Jean Grey while she’s distracted with Gin-GR. If Livewire can incapacitate Phoenix, then the battle will swing in Unity’s favour. If not? I think that’s when you’d seen Gin-GR start to really show the X-Men what she can do.

Result: Unity Wins

For this line up of Unity to win this battle, it really depends on which X-Men they come across, and how quickly they can take the mutants down. I’m probably thinking of the line up more along the lines of how they react in the animated series than in any modern comics simply because of the hours and hours I’ve spent with that version of the team. While I have no doubt Unity could beat that version of the team, if you throw in a few more X-Men, or maybe take a look at a different roster then I’m sure the result could be different. Of course, this is purely one person just sat at a keyboard imagining how the fight would play out – if this ever happened in comics, then the story would dictate the result (or the contract).

Agree? Disagree? Sound off in the comments below!

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