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Review: Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #3 (of 4)

Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #3 (of 4)

Life usually occurs in waves and not in single drops of water. It’s truly an event of feast or famine. Either everything is going well or nothing is at all. We all have experienced it at one time or another and we can only endure and let it pass.

Take the events of today, where a worldwide pandemic has occurred, and the true mettle of leaders are severely tested. Each of them must consider an appropriate response while keeping in mind the lives of millions. Any short-sightedness is also exposed and leaves traces of loss of faith. In the early 2000 run of Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle, we find the titular hero fighting multiple battles and his faith in himself may be the only thing that brings him through in the third issue.

Meet Baron Bedlam, a new escape artist whose talents look to grab some of Shilo’s audience and whose current spectacle is of a staged fighter plane dogfight in an effort to defend foreign enemies from destroying the Statue of Liberty. As Shilo tries to figure out Bedlam, he is also dealing with his daughter’s new friends who are more dangerous than she knows and whom Shilo senses aren’t good for her. As Shilo confronts Bedlam, he soon realizes that he is part of the cloning program, one orchestrated by Darkside and whose considerable powers and influence have put him into position to making everyone forget about Mister Miracle. By issue’s end, Darkside has left Shilo for dead, as his grand plan for the city is put into play, leaving the city and world at risk.

Overall, an issue that is more psychological than your usual superhero fare, which shows the world why Grant Morrison is one of the world’s best storytellers. The story by Morrison is exhilarating and well developed. The art by Pasqual Ferry is impressive. Altogether, an installment that gives readers another story to which to celebrate this excellent and undersung hero.

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Story: Grant Morrison Art: Pasqual Ferry
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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