Review: Locke & Key “Dissection” S1E7

Locke & Key "Dissection"

There’s a whole lot of Lady Dodge in this episode of Locke & Key, not only is she serving as a distraction to Tyler in an attempt to get the head key from Tyler but, she loses the anywhere key to him in a miscalculation. She’s also about to clarify the rules for Bode and the rest of the Locke kids when she comes into the house and takes a key for herself. In a flashback heavy episode “Dissection shows us what lead up to Sam breaking into Locke’s house back in Seattle. We learn about how Lady Dodge turned him against his former friend and his mentor Rendell and we see the Locke family join forces to defeat the enemy in the house.

WHAT WORKED: The sheer honesty of it all. Most of the episode centered around the family and their dynamics, despite the fight that Tyler and Kinsey had earlier that day there was no question that he would defend her with his last breath, in fact, I was so wrapped up in the show and characters that all I kept thinking was, wait until Tyler comes home. When Tyler uses the anywhere key to get into the house and hears Sam’s voice, we all knew what time it was and Tyler did not disappoint, unfortunately, Sam still had the fire key and managed to escape and tie him up. I liked that Kinsey was able to tell Tyler where her keys were hidden in a way that only a sibling would get and that she chose to make sure Bode was safe instead of going for Sam’s gun when her fear attacked him. All of these little choices were so realistic and showed real love and a bond that only siblings could have and it was beautiful to watch and so flawlessly portrayed by the brilliant young actors. Locke & Key has a way of making you get emotionally involved with the Locke kids and at times you feel involved in the story like it’s a really good book.


WHAT DIDN’T: I thought that it was hella cliche that Lady Dodge’s plan to get the head key from Tyler was to seduce him. Up until that point she had been portrayed as a master of manipulation, calculated deception, brilliant plotting, and ruthless evil, knowing all of that it seems out of character for her to sleep with Tyler to get the key. There’s no way that she sincerely thought that sleeping with him would get her that key which means the sole purpose for the sexy time was to give Tyler a chance to get the anywhere key and move the story along, which considering the stellar writing everywhere else in the show seems a little lazy as far as story progression and logic. This is especially true when Lady Dodge gets the key back from Sam at the end of the episode anyway, so I don’t get why she wouldn’t just wait for Sam to do her dirty work and collect the keys later. I’m all for ancient demons getting their sexy time on but, only if they really want to and, if she was using Tyler for just sex that would have made more sense and been more in line with her actions up until that point than that convoluted plan.


BEST MOMENT: Tyler finally gets some inner peace. We learned in previous episodes that Kinsey didn’t help her parents because she was comforting and hiding Bode. Throughout the season, Kinsey has been painted as a bit of a self-centered brat but, we give her a bit of a pass because we know it’s just her trauma response and her guilt at not helping but when it comes to Tyler he’s filled with rage at not being able to defend his family. Watching him pound on the door outside his house because he lost his key as his mother is attacked and his dad is murdered is heartbreaking, it immediately had a trauma bonding effect on us all, very early on in the season. When we find out that he thinks that Sam killed his dad because he made an off-handed joke to him about swinging by his house and killing his dad first, your heart drops. But, this episode gave Tyler some comfort when he asks Sam if what he said had anything to do with him killing his dad and he asks him what he said, you can see all the heartache, pain and guilt lift from him and that was beautiful and needed. In that one moment, Tyler was able to get his head back in the game and it was realistic and honest and pure.

I FELT BAD: For Sam, when after he destroys all the good things in his life because of the things Lady Dodge told him and made him believe, as he is dying, she tells him that there was nothing special about him at all. It was kind of a gut punch because, after seeing Sam’s full story, all he wanted was someone to love and care for him and she used his vulnerability to her advantage. I still think he was trash for kidnapping the remaining members of the Locke family after killing their dad but, it’s still sad that his isolation and lack of mental health help or safeguards against his violent home life left him vulnerable to Lady Dodge.