Review: Locke & Key “The Keepers of the Keys” S1E4

The Keepers of the Keys” is one of the most realistic episodes I’ve seen in a long time in a TV show. Upon finding new keys and realizing what they can do, everyone but Bode uses the Head Key exactly how you would expect teenagers entrusted with such magic to use them. Tyler crams a bunch of Parker impressing knowledge into his head and Kinsey shares her mind with Scot before snagging a kiss. But, just as you’d expect when magic and dark forces are afoot, the Well Lady aka Dodger aka the series’ big bad, shows up all over the house to reclaim the keys and terrorize the Locke family.

Locke & Key: The Keeper of Keys

WHAT WORKED: While it’s not exactly rocket science, I like that the creators know what their dealing with and don’t make the Tyler and Kinsey the most responsible protectors of the keys. As usual, this role falls to Bode who doesn’t have a huge grasp of what’s going on but, knows that when a creepy lady at the bottom of the well shows up, tricks a key away from you and starts making threats, that maybe you’d better be careful. What works is Bode realistically in the situation takes on the role of guardian and investigator trying to foil Lady Dodge and find out what she’s really after.

WHAT DIDN’T: I found it completely unbelievable that Parker would ever date Tyler, no matter what trauma he faced with the loss of his father after he lied about sleeping with her best friend. I know that they need to connect to bring the story along but, I don’t think she’d warm up to him that easy after he did such a scum bag thing to someone she’s been friends with for years. It’s unrealistic and kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. It’s a fantasy series so, I’m willing to suspend reality to an extent but, I’d like to think in any reality or genre that knowing a little bit about Jane Austen would be enough to forgive such a trash mammal action.

BEST MOMENT: Bode standing up to Lady Dodge and figuring out every bit of knowledge he can about the Matheson house to combat the evil that is on the way. I especially liked him forming an alliance with Rufus that is full-on friendship.