Review: Made in America: The FBI Files of Malcolm X #2

Made in America: The FBI Files of Malcolm X #2

The majesty of who Malcolm X was never more present than in the biopic directed by Spike Lee. It must be noted that he has been portrayed in many movies and television shows throughout the years, but none more magnificent than Lee’s opus. The movie brought to life not only why he was such a magnetic personality but also why he was so impactful. The movie most importantly illustrated his evolution.

That inner turmoil is what made his change, so compelling. Denzel Washington’s portrayal in the movie gave viewers someone that everyone could identify with. He showed how his morals no longer aligned with the Nation Of Islam and how his growth reflected how his morals became bigger than the movement he was leading. This was especially when he began his Hajj that started in Egypt. It is a progression that is currently being explored in Godfather Of Harlem. In the second issue of Made in America: The FBI Files of Malcolm X, writer Wayne Muhammad dives into the first time he went overseas, and how his eyes begun to have his eyes opened

We find Malcolm riding in a car with local grassroots politician, and future president of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, who are sharing a laugh between friends and whose association catches the eyes of the FBI.As he tries to bring light to the fact, racism abroad is just as despondent as racism stateside, he finds an ally in Sadat. He also travels to Saudi Arabia, where he meets a Saudi royal, Omar Khan, who advises him of the existence of the Bedouins and their importance to Saudi culture and also how distinct, Elijah Muhammad’s teachings are to the tenets of Islam. By issue’s end, we find Malcolm issuing a sermon that sets him clearly apart from the rest of the Civil Right Movement and would mark him with the firebrand” that he is known for today.

Overall, a thorough dive into who Malcolm X was and how his evolution started long before his trip to Mecca. The story by Muhammad is powerful and immense. The art by the creative team is stunning. Altogether, a story that will keep readers glued to this book, to see a whole different look at this most important hero.

Story: Wayne Muhammad
Art: Wayne Muhammad, Wayne Powell, Lee Townsend, Martin Griffiths, Benjamin Wachenji and Comicraft
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy