Review: Green Lantern Mosaic #13

Green Lantern Mosaic #13

John Adams was one of those historical figures that was not merely a Founding Father. His significance has been overshadowed by the more popular men who inhabited the seat of President. In fact, his popularity is even eclipsed by two men who did not reach such heights, Sam Adams, and Ben Franklin. That’s why the high character he has shown throughout his life and career, is something everyone should aspire to.

Before he became President, the one story which showed how high his morals were was when he defended British Troops in an American court. He defended these soldiers in one of the most tragic events in the then young nation, one that would shape its very soul, the Boston Massacre. His belief in a fair trial and equal justice for all is what makes him one of America’s true Norths. In the thirteenth issue of Green Lantern: Mosaic, we find Jon in a similar predicament, one that will test his heart.

We find an inhabitant of the Mosaic, marveling at the malaise humans bring to this world, and with their new human inhabitants, the KKK, an unhealthy amount of hate. As the usurper looks to use the KKK to get his way, as he cleverly manipulates the KKK and their insecurities. We find out how they learned to hate in the first place, especially their leader Moses Rockwell, whose hate swelled to the point that he pushes any type of light out of his life. By issue’s end, Rockwell, looking to get to Jon comes after Rose with the help of some Amazons.

Overall, an issue that is probably its most progressive, giving a world view that would not be seen again until American History X. It provokes thought in readers through self-reflection.  The story by Gerard Jones is engrossing. The art by the creative team is intricate and lovely. Altogether, an issue shows a complex world where race is explored both thematically and philosophically.

Story: Gerard Jones Art: Cully Hamner and Danny Panosian
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy