Review: For Molly Chapters 1 & 2

For Molly

When it comes to animals, there’s something very instinctual about dogs. They can sense when their owner is not in a good mood and can also sense danger. In the most recent season of Jack Ryan, one of the early episode’s most pivotal characters has a dog. This family friend was used as a plot device and ultimately the hero of the scene.

The scene drove the point that dogs are not like most pets. They truly become parts of the family. Their sense of loyalty is unwavering and their intuition is almost off the charts. Many stories throughout the years have highlighted this deep bond but few have used it in the action-adventure setting. In the first chapters of For Molly, we finally get one such tale of a man and the dog who is more than meets the eye.

We meet Molly, a stray dog who’s running from someone or something, even she doesn’t know. We also meet Greg, a recent divorcee, who is lamenting in his recent failure at marriage, something that depresses him endlessly.  Everything changes for both of them when an assassin tries to kill Greg but escapes with the help of Molly, who he finds out can talk.

As Greg and Molly get to know each other, the more Greg discovers about what has been going on and why this knowledge of talking dogs has been hidden from the known world and how Molly became an outcast to her pack.

Overall, a story that is both introspective and imaginative, as Gabe Cheng proves to be a master worldbuilder in this first two chapters. The story by Cheng is innovative, intellectual, and engaging. The art by Benjamin Sawyer is engrossing. Altogether, a story that understands the need for the reader to like and empathize with their protagonists.

Story: Gabe Cheng Art: Benjamin Sawyer
Story: 9.9 Art: 9.7 Overall: 9.8 Recommendation: Buy