Review: Among the Willows #4

Among the Willows #4

What happens when revenge consumes you? Does it merely encapsulate every thought in your mind, trying to figure out how you would react? Some people internalize it, knowing how these consequences can affect the rest of their lives. Then there’s those who just see red and will only stop at decimation.

I once served with someone who would constantly get in fights and he was more than a few years older than me. Once he got mad, he wouldn’t stop fighting until he saw blood flow from whomever he was beating on. I always wondered what would get a normal person this angry? In the fourth issue of Among The Willows, the boys’ new ally certainly has her reason for fighting Gideon.

As this issue starts, Sam’s father finds out the awful truth about how his mother died in a fire a year prior. We also catch up with the new stranger who showed up at the end of the last issue, as she reveals to Adam the sex slave ring that Gideon has been circulating near their town giving the boys a reason to respond. The boys find out who exactly killed the Sheriff. By issue’s end, Adam and his new ally find the bodies of several townspeople hanging from the tree leading to avenging their deaths.

Overall, an exciting issue that pushes this story forward. The story by Adam Meadors and Sam Romesburg is brilliant and intellectual. The art by the creative team is spectacular. Altogether, a story that brims with tension and crackles with intrigue.

Story: Adam Meadors and Sam Romesburg
Art: Bruno Chiroleu and Renzo Podesta
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy