Review: Far Sector #1

Far Sector #1

Far Sector #1 is an interesting series as it takes the familiar concepts of the Green Lanterns but is released under the DC’s Young Animal imprint. It’s an imprint that is known for it’s wilder takes on characters, a bit more of an indie and experimental flair in some ways. Far Sector‘s debut though is a pretty standard police procedural but it’s absolutely amazing.

Written by N.K. Jemisin, one of the furthest sectors of the Green Lanter’s reach and introduces us to Lantern Mullein. Mullein is a human Lantern thrown into this alien world. She acts as a detective in a world without murder so lacking procedure. But, when a murder happens it’s her role to not just figure out the why but prevent more.

Far Sector #1 is a fairly standard police procedural with some twists. But, it’s a damn good one with a tight narrative and perspective. So much information is provided to shape the world and characters. And while doing so Jemisin is still able to create a smooth story that’s engrossing and engaging. It never feels like an information dump but a natural voice and flow to it all.

Jamal Campbell‘s art is amazing. Campbell’s work on Naomi should have gotten the entire industry to take notice but this debut plants a flag. Campbell is joined by Deron Bennett‘s lettering. Filled with beautiful greens, the art is full of details as Campbell adds more depth to the world beyond Jemisin’s words. Every character is unique and stands out in the attention to the differences, no matter how minor, to make them distinctive.

Far Sector #1 feels like a standard Green Lantern story in many ways but the quality of the writing and art makes it stand out. This was an unexpected debut partially due to the imprint. When I expected quirky, I got something that’s far from it and runs circles around some of its spandex sister series. It’s a hell of a debut and one that should be on everyone’s pull-list.

Story: N.K. Jemisin Art: Jamal Campbell
Color: Jamal Campbell Lettering: Deron Bennett
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review