Review: Among the Willows #3

Among the Willows #3

Eric Douglas, son of Kirk Douglas and brother of Michael Douglas, was one of the actors who though his time was short, left an impression. His talent never met the wattage his parents or his brother enjoyed.

The one role many genre fans know him from was an episode of Tales From The Crypt named “Yellow.”  In the episode he starred alongside and outshined his famous father and gave viewers a brief glimpse of how talented he really was. In this particular episode, he played a military officer who abandons his men in a firefight for fear of dying. It’s a reaction, though human, is frowned upon, especially during battle. In the third issue of Among The Willows, Sam finally finds out how his father survived the war.

He recounts his time during the War, when his company had to guard the supply lines along Cold Harbor, one where he finds Adam’s father on the Northern side, one which causes tension in the ranks. This leads to Sam’s father’s company emerging victorious but due to a bloodthirsty commander, had to execute every man, include Adam’s father, as Sam’s father did not do anything to stop hi skilling, something that has haunted him since that day. As Sam’s family is reunited, they cannot rest on their laurels as the posse known as The Damned is headed their direction. By the issue’s end, a disturbing surprise is awaiting the boys as well as possibly a new ally.

Overall, an exciting issue that pushes this story forward. The story by Adam Meadors and Sam Romesburg is excellent and intelligent. The art by the creative team is stunning. Altogether, a series that adds even more dimensions with each issue to the Western genre.

Story: Adam Meadors and Sam Romesburg
Art: Bruno Chiroleu
and Renzo Podesta
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy