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Super-Articulate: Marvel Legends Con Reveals and More

Over the past few weeks, the international conventions have been getting their share of Marvel Legends reveals. MCM London Comic Con, Paris Comic-Con, and, in just the past few hours, Lucca Comics and Games 2019 in Italy, have all dropped ML knowledge for eager fans. We’ll do a brief recap and see if we can figure out what this might mean going forward.

London: The BAF for the impending FF was revealed as a long-awaited Super Skrull. As a bonus, the figure has regular arms in addition to two combined power-effects arms (one stretchy/invisible; the other rocky/ablaze). We also got a look the classic Iron Man villain Spymaster, which is awesome; you know I love villains (and particularly obscure villains).

Paris: Another BAF was revealed here, with another long-awaited villain dropping into the previously announced Spider-Man wave. That BAF is Demogoblin, with appropriately burning glider. This has been on a lot of wishlists for a long time, so it’s great to see it finally make it. A second reveal was a new, updated Winter Soldier.

Lucca: While details are pending, two exclusives and a regular figure were shown. The exclusives were a new Crossbones, a new Age of Apocalypse Sunfire, and an Age of Apocalypse Wild Child.

What It Means: I like to look for patterns in releases, and one thing that the patterns are telling me is that Hasbro is more than happy to revisit the ‘80s and ‘90s. The Retro figures are one indication, but the combine X-lines are another. While the renewed emphasis on X-teams has picked up in the last couple of years, you can really see them getting comprehensive, especially with the X-Force characters, New Mutants (even as exclusives, grrrr), and even the Alpha Flight boxed set by extension. This suggests to me that we’ll see more of these teams continue to be filled out, hopefully with characters like Siryn, Rictor, and more.

My one concern there is having certain characters left out of overlooked. I love, love, love the Alpha Flight effort, but I’m concerned about Marinna. Marinna seems like a perfect fan-channel exclusive character, so I hope that she’s not left out. Similarly, the use of Wolfsbane as an alternate head and hands for the Walgreens Dani Moonstar makes me question how she’ll end up for X-Factor, as she’s the last of the ‘90s Mutant Genesis team to be made in that uniform. By extension, I wonder about the more obscure Feral, who, at this writing, is the last of the original seven X-Force members that hasn’t been made. (Don’t come at me on Siryn; she joined in #4). On the upside, the willingness of Hasbro to make characters like Spymaster make me feel like they’ll be willing to go all in on finishing these teams.

Another inclination I have is to think that Winter Soldier and Spymaster will be in the Black Widow assortment. I’ve kind of anticipated that the grouping will have Widow, Yelena, Red Guardian, Taskmaster, and hopefully an Ursa Major BAF. These two characters would make sense in that.

On the Spidey tip, I’m wild about the inclusion of White Rabbit. I love the obscure villains and she’s got a great look. I hope that it continues the trend of Spidey side-characters, as her inclusion is a great doorway for Spidey supporting characters like Frog-Man, Rocket Racer (there’s already a skateboard sculpt), and more. Similarly, Demogoblin and the comic return/upcoming movie focus on Carnage would pave the way for “Maximum Carnage” supporting characters like Shriek and Carrion.

All that said, here’s some things I’d like to see more of in the short and long terms:

‘80s/’90s Avengers: Quasar, Doctor Druid, classic Monica Rambeau in Captain Marvel outfit, Living Lightning, etc. Also, let’s get the Swordman, the last Avenger from the ‘60s to not have a figure.

New Warriors: The door is open. Let’s see Speedball, Namorita, Justice, and FIRESTAR.

GOTG: Two levels here. I think most people want to see the rest of the OG Guardians to join Vance Astro, especially since an original Yondu sculpt happened in the 3.75” line. But there are a lot of missing comics Guardians, too, like Moondragon, Phyla-Vell, Bug, and more.

The Inhumans: We need that Karnak and Lockjaw, Hasbro.

I could go on (and on and on and on), but those seem like viable things to me. What about you, readers?

AND NOW . . . Something Different.

As you might imagine, I frequent a lot of collecting groups. At Marvel Legends Collectors on FB, I ran across an awesome set of diorama photos from Roven Matthew Servando from Iloilo City, Philippines. Roven Matthew’s piece is an incredible diorama from the finale of Avengers: Endgame. You can see it pictured here. I asked Roven a few basic questions about his process.

Super-Articulate: Roven, would you mind telling us briefly what you used to create it?

Roven Matthew Servando: First, I used some cheap styro for the base. Then when I’m done, I cover it with tissues. Then, I mixed water and glue. I used it for the covered tissues and I leave it for 2 days to get dry. And when it’s dry, I used black and white paint. For the details and ruined effects, I just bought some cheap baskets and I cut it into pieces. And some simple materials: Superglue, sands, small rocks. And some of my old car toys, I also cut into pieces. You can find some of the details had ruined wheels. (laughs)

Super-Articulate: That’s excellent. I love the look of this. Did you use anything special for the red and yellow lights?

Roven Matthew Servando: I just covered it with some of my baskets that I cut into pieces. So that it wouldn’t really pop off the lights.

All photos credited to Roven Matthew Servando.

I think we should make a semi-regular feature out of this, gang. If you have great dioramas or displays that you’d like to show in the column, hit me up on Twitter @troybrownfield. Thanks for reading!