Scout Announces Canopus from Dave Chisholm

Marooned on a lifeless alien planet 300 light years from Earth, an amnesiac astronaut and her robot companion explore a strange world in search of the materials they need to return home. That’s the concept behind Canopus from writer and artist Dave Chisholm and being published by Scout Comics.

Helen wakes up marooned on a lifeless alien planet 300 light years from Earth with no memories beyond a hazy sense of extinction-level urgency to return to Earth. Joined by her robot companion, she explores the planet to find materials necessary to repair her ship. However, circumstances are not as straightforward as they seem: along their perilous path, Helen’s most painful memories return to her as monstrous manifestations hellbent on her destruction. In this mind-bending sci-fi adventure, Helen’s story unfolds into both her past and her future.

Canopus #1