Review: Green Hornet: Dark Tomorrow #1


When does one realize that one has become the thing, they hate the most? This is the central pushing point of antiheroes in many of America’s favorite television shows. They’re not completely good but not a villain because they have good intentions at the end of the day.  You can take any character from Walter White to Ray Donovan, and there always more than a few slivers of good-heartedness which makes the audience ultimately pull for them.

These characters make us all reexamine ourselves even to the things we can never admit to. This is what makes the Godfather trilogy so captivating and so heartbreaking. Michael Corleone’s arc is in any other setting with different choices the journey of men looking to do better for their families. In the debut issue of Green Hornet: Dark Tomorrow, we find our titular hero becoming the type of villain he used to stop.

We are taken to the late 21st century, where technology has only made crime even more diverse and on this particular night, as on crime boss closes a deal, a surprising figure emerges the Green Hornet. As one would expect to stop these criminals, this Green Hornet is there to take his cut of what is going down, which is far cry from the Britt Reid we know and love, as he uses his devices to take all the money and remind them whose city it is. It soon becomes apparent that he has a rival on the rise, and who is taking over all his product houses, The Steel Syndicate who aren’t only taking his businesses but are also killing innocent people along the way. By the issue’s end, we find out what leads to him to where he is and a traitor comes for his head.

Overall, a story that feels if you lived in the dark future of Back To The Future Part II but with superheroes. The story by Clint McElroy is smart, well-paced, and strongly characterized. The art by the creative team complements the story. Altogether, a story that shows audiences just how powerful certain choices can be.

Story: Clint McElroy Art: Dave Simons and Jeff Butler
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy