Preview: Green Lantern: Mosaic #8

Green Lantern: Mosaic #8

I remember the first time I saw the movie Gremlins. I was all of 12 years old and was more than excited to watch the movie in the theater with my friends. What I did see was nightmare fuel for my adolescent imagination for days to come after. The movie would spawn a sequel that I enjoyed. It captured what was both enjoyable and frightening about the genre.

You can see the movie’s influence in pictures like Slither and Mars Attacks!. It took what was scary but sprinkled a hint of dark comedy in it. In the eighth issue of Green Lantern: Mosaic, we find Jon in the middle of a battle between some fun-loving aliens and determined humans.

We’re taken to a world where suburbia is being attacked by aliens and Chicano gangsters are under siege by these space invaders. This is where the humans are forced to call John into action. He finds out firsthand just how turbulent things are between the two factions. As John gets deeper into what is truly dividing them he finds out there are more forces at work.

Overall, an engaging issue that despite some of its dated and problematic portrayal of racial archetypes, is still fascinating as a story. The story by Gerard Jones is entertaining. The art by the creative team is beautiful. Altogether, an issue which shows how far we have come.

Story: Gerard Jones Art: Cully Hamner and Dan Panosian
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy