Review: Shang Chi: Master of Kung Fu #6

Shang Chi: Master of Kung Fu #6

When it comes to James Bond movies, to say that the endings are nothing short of satisfying, is definitely a disservice to the theatrics connected to it. The movies that Sean Connery starred in are probably some of the most iconic movies of all time. The style and flair that he brought to every scene is what has made the character so immortal. Even George Lazenby’s foray into the character, though only lasting one movie, was probably the best in the series. Three more actors would inhabit the role but the one that has always stood out in my mind is, Sir Roger Moore.

Moore was James Bond for a good part of the 1980s, the era when I fell in love with movies. His interpretation of the character brought what is fun about spy movies, and what The Kingsmen movies can’t help but steal in the best ways possible. His best Bond movie in my mind, Octopussy, which was both funny and action-packed but showed moviegoers how to build up a story to a satisfying big bang ending. In the final issue of Shang Chi, Master Of Kung Fu-The Hellfire Apocalypse, we find Shang Chi as he confronts both his brother and father in a fight which may cost many including his, their lives.

We find Moving Shadow and Shang Chi facing off as Fu Manchu spectates in delight, as his two sons face off for the first time, testing if this fateful battle is his will. Meanwhile, Leiko, Blackjack and Clive, meetup with up Spetz and the Omega team, as they fight Fu Manchu’s men on their way off the island, as Spetz suffers his own death. Eventually, Leiko,Blackjack, Clive and what’s left of the Omega team neutralize the threat Fu Manchu was about to unleash.

Overall, the satisfying conclusion that gives diehard fans of this character what we expect from Doug Moench’s masterwork. The story by Moench is brilliant and amazing. The art by the creative team is mesmerizing. Altogether, a well-woven tale that feels as epic as the stories it was inspired from.

Story: Doug Moench
Art: Jimmy Palmiotti, Paul Gulacy, Paul Mounts, Richard Starkings,
and Wes Abbott
Story: 9.4 Art: 9.3 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy