Review: Spooky Girls: Tarantula Twins #1

Spooky Girls: Tarantula Twins #1

Growing up, you tend to be drawn to people who you have something in common with. You may have interests that they do and vice versa.I’m still friends with everyone I grew up with. As we get older sometimes we lose touch but we always find each other again. As I get older, this cable tow of friends has grown exponentially.

When you go to high school, this is typically your first exposure to the class system. This is when you first see how people climb the social ladder while others find their own way. In the debut issue of Spooky Girls: Tarantula Twins, we find two siblings whose bond is tested once the social rigors of high school come into play.

Tawny and Temple Tarantula are a set of twins whose love for each other is tougher than it looks. That’s until they start to grow up and the differences between them become even more apparent. We finally see the girls as they turn 17. Tawny has become a bit of a bad apple and her smoking habits have started to annoy Temple who is a bit of a nerd and is secretly working on a formula for synthetic Euphoria. When Tawny’s friends find out, they steal her only bottle of the formula and try to get inebriated from this. From there’s it’s lessons on sisterhood and friendship.

Writer Pat Shand and company more than prove with this comic just how their storytelling skills can transcend any age group. The story by Shand is relatable, funny, and heartfelt. The art by the creative team is soulful and complements the story. Altogether, a comic that will make you remember that loves conquers all.

Story: Pat Shand
Art: Agny Innocente, Jim Campbell,
and Shannon Lee
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy