Brian Wood Again Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Brian Wood

Inspired by women coming forward in the video game industry, Laura Hudson has Tweeted about her interactions with comic writer Brian Wood accusing him of sexual misconduct.

In her account, she met Wood at a bar where he grabbed her and forced her to kiss him. She then excused herself to head to the bathroom and looked him up on Wikipedia where she found out he was married. Wood then texted Hudson for weeks asking her to have sex which she refused.

This isn’t the first time Wood has been accused of such behavior. In 2013, artist Tess Fowler alleged that Wood sexually harassed her at a convention years before. Wood admitted to having “made a pass” but denied harassment or abuse. Anne Scherbina accused Wood of “making a pass” as well and then threatening her career when she didn’t agree. Scherbina says Wood then retaliated by posting a blind item that she provided sexual favors in a DC stockroom.

You can read Hudson’s full Twitter thread below.

After this latest round, Brooklyn comic shop Anyone Comics has announced they will no longer be ordering comics written by Wood.