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Review: Red Winter #2

Red Winter #2

Holy shit! Red Winter #2 delivers and then some! Created by Michael Gordon and Francisco Munoz, the comic is the gritty crime story that stands out from the pack.

Written by Gordon the issue continues the spiral of Eli Winter who has found out his son shot up the drug den of Eli’s gangster boss. From there we meet a broader cast of characters and like a Tarantino film, the results get out of hand with bloody consequences.

Gordon, along with Munoz’s art, deliver a solid crime entry. There’s just a raw dirtiness about the issue that captures the mood and desperation. Add in a solid sense of a father panicking to get his son to safety. There’s also a solid sense of that son’s hatred towards his father.

Then Red Winter #2 pulls the rug out from under you. There’s so much more to this than a simple crime tale.

Munoz’s art adds to the dirty, gritty aspect of it all. The grime is present and you feel a bit dirty yourself staring at the pages. Rundown locations look exactly that. The art helps convey this is not a place you want to touch anything. The ink from Munoz and color by Rolands Kalnins adds to it all. There’s sparse use of color sticking to a drab palette. It helps enhance the environments. Nikki Sherman‘s lettering helps deliver some of the more emotional aspects of the dialogue also setting the mood of each scene.

Red Winter #2 takes the interesting premise of the first issue, builds on it, then throws something completely unexpected to the mix. It’s a hell of a second issue that’s a rollercoaster and beyond a solid entry in its genre, and comics in general.

Story: Michael Gordon, Art: Francisco Munoz
Ink: Francisco Munoz Color: Rolands Kalnins Letters: Nikki Sherman
Story: 8.65 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.6 Recommendation: Buy

Scout Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review