Review: No’madd the Unconquerable: The City of Empty Towers #3

No’madd the Unconquerable: The City of Empty Towers #3

As a fan of Game of Thrones, I can’t help but root for the Starks. Their story, among the different storylines, gives us the best representation of the beautiful struggle. From the very beginning, this family was our eyes and ears into this word. It’s one that was so treacherous that it got rid of its most well-known actor within the first few episodes. That was a rather bold move, one that believed in the strength of the story and the presence of the remaining characters.

One of those characters where the odds are constantly stacked against him but always finds a way out is Jon Snow. He’s a man who has died and returned and in the Battle Of The Bastards. He came out on top, even when it seemed he was going to die in a mountain of bodies. No matter how many times Jon Snow looked like that it’d be the last time he’d be standing, he found ways to overcome insurmountable circumstances. In the last issue of this story arc, Nomadd: The City Of Empty Towers, our titular hero finds himself shattered, yet finds a way to still fight.

We find our hero beaten and broken, as he starts to see visions of fairies questioning his sanity and even worse, whether it is better to live or die. As he meets Tyon, The Dvine Moon, and we find out more about the history of the planet, Ith, and the invasion which changed every dweller, turning most of them into a race of slaves. When he wakes, his neck is adorned with Amulet of Tyon, giving him godlike powers, enough to subdue his captors. As Tyon infuses Nomadd with her powers, as he exchanges fire with the invaders, chasing them from Ith. By issue’s end, he has freed the people of Ith, but new threats are on the horizon, and his rest would not be for long.

Overall, an engrossing conclusion to an exciting story. The story by Andrew Kafoury is exciting, well developed and layered. The art by the creative team is captivating. Altogether, a story very much in the vein of X-O Manowar, but containing even more multitudes.

Story: Andrew Kafoury
Art: Aaron McConnell, Lee Moyer, Todd Herman,
and Tom Orzechowski
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.4 Recommendation: Buy