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Review: No’madd the Unconquerable: The City of Empty Towers #3

No’madd the Unconquerable: The City of Empty Towers #3

As a fan of Game of Thrones, I can’t help but root for the Starks. Their story, among the different storylines, gives us the best representation of the beautiful struggle. From the very beginning, this family was our eyes and ears into this word. It’s one that was so treacherous that it got rid of its most well-known actor within the first few episodes. That was a rather bold move, one that believed in the strength of the story and the presence of the remaining characters.

One of those characters where the odds are constantly stacked against him but always finds a way out is Jon Snow. He’s a man who has died and returned and in the Battle Of The Bastards. He came out on top, even when it seemed he was going to die in a mountain of bodies. No matter how many times Jon Snow looked like that it’d be the last time he’d be standing, he found ways to overcome insurmountable circumstances. In the last issue of this story arc, Nomadd: The City Of Empty Towers, our titular hero finds himself shattered, yet finds a way to still fight.

We find our hero beaten and broken, as he starts to see visions of fairies questioning his sanity and even worse, whether it is better to live or die. As he meets Tyon, The Dvine Moon, and we find out more about the history of the planet, Ith, and the invasion which changed every dweller, turning most of them into a race of slaves. When he wakes, his neck is adorned with Amulet of Tyon, giving him godlike powers, enough to subdue his captors. As Tyon infuses Nomadd with her powers, as he exchanges fire with the invaders, chasing them from Ith. By issue’s end, he has freed the people of Ith, but new threats are on the horizon, and his rest would not be for long.

Overall, an engrossing conclusion to an exciting story. The story by Andrew Kafoury is exciting, well developed and layered. The art by the creative team is captivating. Altogether, a story very much in the vein of X-O Manowar, but containing even more multitudes.

Story: Andrew Kafoury
Art: Aaron McConnell, Lee Moyer, Todd Herman,
and Tom Orzechowski
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.4 Recommendation: Buy

Review: No’madd the Unconquerable: The City of Empty Towers #2

No’madd the Unconquerable: The City of Empty Towers #2

Stephen King is one of those storytellers whose mastery of characterization and plot puts him in rare space. He knows how to peer into the frailties of humanity while uncovering the ugliness in all of us makes his work memorable. Each story of his leaves remnants in his reader’s minds and even makes many of his adaptations, more than standard horror fare.  I remembered the first time, I read Tommyknockers as I could not sleep for days after finishing the last chapter.

I also have read his regular fiction books like The Green Mile, as though the movie is interesting, the book is even better. As one of the recent adaptations of his work that I love is Gerald’s Game, a movie about a woman while handcuffed to a bed, the husband dies while they were getting intimate. What is powerful about the story is how she survives the ordeal and really how her past experiences made her strong enough for what she went through. In the second issue of NoMadd: City Of Empty Towers, our hero must a perilous shadowy path while confronting his past demons.

We find NoMadd, months after his fall, as he must adapt and overcome to reach back to the surface, as his first major obstacle is the Unconquerable Wall Of Storms, as it is deadly to anyone who attempts to pass it. As he ponders on his wife’s betrayal, he must also cross Platu, and survive the numerous creatures that wander the land, as his next step can be his last.  As he finds way out, by way of a hidden sea craft, his escape is short-lived, as the ship hits a wave, he loses consciousness, where he flashes back through his life, as we find out about his parents, his upbringing, and how he met Ka’Sell. He eventually wakens to him being ejected from the ship into a pod, which is leaking very quickly and gives him only moments to break free. As he brought to safety by a herd of sea creatures where is taken to Tyon. As he wanders the city, he doesn’t find any trace of any living creature, eventually realizing he is all alone, where he stays for three cycles. By issue’s end, he finds out where all the inhabitants are, and what evil is awaiting him.

Overall, an epic odyssey almost as grand as Homer. The story by Andrew Kafoury is smart, action-packed and well developed. The art by the creative team is gorgeous. Altogether, a story that shows how powerful the journey can be, even when one is looking for the destination.

Story: Andrew Kafoury
Art: Aaron McConnell, Lee Moyer,
and Tom Orzechowski
Story: 10 Art: 9.7 Overall: 9.8 Recommendation: Buy

Review: No’madd the Unconquerable: The City of Empty Towers #1

Nomadd the Unconquerable The City of Empty Towers #1

I, like anyone who loves reading stories, loves a good surprise, especially when it is a twist ending. The writer has you going one way making their audience believe the story will go the same way it always does. Then, the predictable instance betrays itself and there’s a moment when the audience feels both astonished and gratified.

More often these days, writers are employing this device to mixed results.  One of the first times, I remembered being both swindled but amazed was when I read Beowulf. The creature our protagonist is brought to destroy was the architect of everything going on in that kingdom. Not too many times has an author expertly weaved a narrative to only pull the rug from the audience’s feet. In the debut issue of No’Madd: The City Of Empty Towers, we meet a new protagonist, whose fierce loyalty leads him down a dark path, where the truth may be more than he can handle.

We are taken to the lands of Ith, where our protagonist, No’Madd , who works for the Goddess, Tyon, looks to prove his devotion, by fleeing his home, wife, and son to find invaders, intent on wreaking havoc on Tyon’s domain. So, he travels to an old citadel, where one of Tyon’s ancient enemies, the warlords who chose to defy her, where their ghosts haunt this fortress in what is called The Steep. A he waits out the horde of invaders to see what their next move is, he revisits in his mind, everything that leads him to this moment, when the first invaders crashed in his village, how his family reluctantly let him go and how his fealty to Tyon made him the best weapon against these invaders. As he looks to gain better ground, he soon realizes he has an enemy hiding in plain sight, looking to secure his demise, where an arrow is sent his direction, he soon realizes it was to draw the invaders to him and unleash a horde onto. By issue’s end, he eludes the invaders but is faced soon with a heartbreaking betrayal and more questions than he could ever imagine.

Overall, a great introduction to a new hero. One whose devotion, much Ned Stark in Game Of Thrones, may be his cardinal sin. The story by Andrew Kafoury is dense, well-characterized, and intelligent. The art by the creative team is stunning. Altogether, an exceptional debut that gives comics fans a new hope for an entertaining adventure.

Story: Andrew Kafoury
Art: Aaron McConnell, Lee Moyer, and Tom Orzechowski
Story: 10 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy