Review: Bad Reception #1

Bad Reception #1

Wow, just wow. Bad Reception #1 knocks it out of the park and then some. Juan Doe puts together commentary about our addiction to social media and wraps it all together in a murder mystery. Writer, artist, letterer, Doe does it all.

Bad Reception follows a pop star and an author/”techno ethicist” as they plan their wedding. The catch is, the wedding will be off the grid. No cell phones. No media. This is as intimate as it gets. And that includes murder. Doe teases that things go sour throughout the comic with a “second story” that plays out beneath each double page layout.

And that’s part of what’s impressive. Doe break from the traditional layout of a comic. Instead, the story spreads out taking advantage of two pages which at first takes a bit to get used to. But, it’s also a smart decision as it directly challenges our “one screen” habits. This isn’t a comic that’ll be easily read digitally it would seem. I read mine on a large screen as a PDF but using a tablet, I can see some issues. And that’s not a bad thing. There’s something meta about it all as Doe challenges social media and technology and how our relationships have suffered. One can add our consumption of media too.

All of that is wrapped up in what feels like an Agatha Christie murder mystery. Mix in fantastic details on each character and the comic is fantastic in every way.

Doe’s art is on point. He’s an artist I’ve been enjoying for some time but the freedom of writing his own series seems to have opened up the possibilities. Not only is there the use of two pages but a second story runs underneath of a mystery character on the hunt. We can assume this is the murderer but who knows. Add in a sparse use of color and grittiness about it all and you’ve got the complete package.

Bad Reception #1 is probably under the radar for many but this is a break out release featuring a hell of a story and art. It’s one that’ll get you to think of your own media consumption and social media use. It also entertains. Can’t wait to see where this goes from here.

Story: Juan Doe Art: Juan Doe
Story: 8.75 Art: 8.85 Overall: 8.8 Recommendation: Buy

Aftershock provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review