AMC’s The Walking Dead Fined $104,000 for Using the Emergency Alert System

The Walking Dead

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reached settlements this week with a handful of media outlets after they were found to have misused the emergency alert system (EAS) tone.

There’s a rule against using the tone outside of actual emergencies to “protect the integrity” of the system. The idea is that listeners won’t mistake the real tone for ones from television shows and vice versa.

The agency found that ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, AMC’s The Walking Dead, Animal Planet’s Lone Star Law, and Meruelo Radio Holdings all misused the EAS tone. The companies have agreed to pay more than $600,000 in civil penalties for the violations.

AMC’s The Walking Dead used the tone twice in the “Omega Episode” of the program in February 2019. The playing happened during eight instances. AMC will pay a $104,000 civil penalty and agreed to a compliance plan.