From X-Statix to The X-Cellent in 2020

This week sees the release of Giant-Size X-Statix #1 that brings Peter Milligan, Michael Allred, and Laura Allred together again for a new adventure of the cult classic characters.

At the end of the issue, it’s revealed we’re getting more of this creative team with The X-Cellent, coming in 2020.

Giant-Size X-Statix brings together classic X-Statix characters with some new members to take on a new threat. Who are the X-Cellents? You’ll have to get the comic to find out!

Is this one of the new series that’s part of the “X Universe” post House of X and Powers of X? We’ll find out more soon!

Check out The X-Cellent teaser that you can find at the end of Giant-Size X-Statix below. As the first appearance of The X-Cellent, it’s a comic you might want to invest in.

The X-Cellent