Review: Green Lantern: Mosaic #2

Green Lantern: Mosaic #2

If you ever had a friend die unexpectedly it hits you like a ton of bricks. I’ve had a few friends from my childhood and my time in the military die. Some we saw coming, others came unexpected. I was recently reminded by one of my friends on Facebook why we’re having a reunion this June as she posted a picture of the classmates we lost.  It was quite sobering to know that they were gone.

My first reaction when I saw their pictures, was to the last memory I had of each of them. I wasn’t close to all of them but two of them I was. Nothing is ever as good as you remembered it which is what makes memories so sweet. In the second issue of Green Lantern Mosaic, John loses a friend who visits. It’s a loss which only fuels his focus in stopping this evil.

We find John having nightmares of his friend, Ch’p, as lately he has been restless dreaming about the road that runs through Mosaic World. We also find Ch’p struggling with who he is and his role in the Green Lantern Corps, as he visits John, to see how his old friend is doing, and how he has kept all these different societies living peaceful together. As Ch’p travels this alternate reality, he discovers an uncomfortable truth and the reason behind John’s nightmares.

Overall, an interesting exploration of both characters, one which delve deeper into how complicated their lives are. The story by Gerard Jones is smart and creative. The art by the creative team is simple yet elegant. Altogether, a story which ends with more questions which propels this story forward.

Story: Gerard Jones
Art: Albert De Guzman, Dan Panosian, Cully Hamner
and Steve Mattsson
Story: 9.7 Art: 9.4 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy