Review: Nick Fury: Deep-Cover Capers

Nick Fury

When it comes to polarizing figures in the Marvel Universe, there is none more iconic than Nick Fury. He’s effectively an operator in this world dominated by superpowers and galactic forces. He’s never in awe nor is surprised by their abilities but knows almost as much as they do and do all of this despite being a human man. The best analogy for him is a man amongst giants but just so happens to be a super spy.

As the one spy within this world that operates in the shadows and wields as much political power as he does, it truly is baffling to comprehend why more books have not been done about the character. It can be said that Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal of the character has made him somewhat popular. As the last MCU movie, Captain Marvel, the character was portrayed as an agent who is looking to leave the agency until this superpowered being enters his life making him realize that the universe is even bigger than he ever realized. In this set of stories by James Robinson and ACO we find our protagonist before he became who we know him to be. Nick Fury: Deep-Cover Capers, gives us a different take on the character showing an even more exhilarating life before he became director of SHIELD.  

We first meet him on a mission in the French Riviera, as he meets his first nemesis, Frankie Noble, an agent of HYDRA and someone who looks to be more than his match. His next mission would send him to the Moon, to dismantle a mining colony ran by the Yakuza. As each mission gets dangerous, the stronger his skillset would become, as his next mission sees our protagonist prevent a high-ranking dignitary on a train trip in Mexico from being assassinated. As he would also have to blend into certain places like he did when he went undercover in Atlantis, to stop a HYDRA spy from stealing intel, all under Namor’s watchful eyes. Also, he would go on excursions he assumed were R&R but became a battle royale with the townfolk in a seemingly sleepy town. In the last mission, the creative team switches genres here, to tell crime story where Fury solves a mysterious death, a twist that no one saw coming.

Overall, an excellent set of stories about the beginning of one of the MCU’s most enigmatic figures. The story by Robinson is action packed, pulse pounding, and well developed. The art by ACO is gorgeous. Altogether, an excellent set of stories which will keep readers in the edge of their seats for every blockbuster of a story.

Story: James Robinson Art: ACO
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy