Recap: Cloak and Dagger S2E1 – Restless Energy

Season 2 of Cloak and Dagger picks up 8 months after where Season 1 left off and, a lot has changed in that time. We find our two heroes lives swapped, Tyrone is now living in the church, on the run from a murder rap and Tandy has a wonderful home life and is even back to doing ballet and living a normal life with her mom. Ty is spending his nights fighting cabin fever by robbing stash houses in an attempt to put them out of business by using his special gift much to Detective Brigid O’Reilly ‘s chagrin. Tandy and her mom are going to a support group for domestic violence survivor and victims trying to rebuild their relationship. O’Reilly is dealing with her own demons as she tries to put the pieces of her life back together while trying to clear Ty and put the group of corrupt cops behind her boyfriends’ death behind bars. O’Reilly isn’t the only one looking out for Ty while he’s been on the lam, Tandy has been dropping off supplies and doing movie night at the church with him.

Tandy and her mom have a heart to heart over cooking but, Tandy cuts things short under the guise of a makeup ballet class in order to do some recon on one of her support group members, Makayla, ex Jeremy.  While Tandy is watching Jeremy Tyrone is playing master stalker himself, checking in on his parents and Evita to see how they’re doing.  Both of the divine pairing are missing being a hero, even though them actually saving the world goes unnoticed by all of the people they’ve saved leading them to continue their hero antics separately. Tandy scares the crap out of the abusive Jeremy and Ty hits another drug stash house, while Ty ends up getting the crap kicked out of him mid-robbery, leaving Tandy to save him.

Tandy and Ty get into a deep discussion about everything. This episode explored the themes of loss, love, and family and the very real feelings of emptiness and the post-rescue conversation lays it all out on the table in a relatable and beautiful way.  .Meanwhile, Detective O’Reilly is called in to help settle the turf was that Ty has started and her inner beast is getting harder to hold back.

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By the end of the first episode, they both learn that they aren’t too good at the hero thing on their own. Tandy’s plan backfires and Makayla ends up back with her ex because he was terrorized by a gang of thugs (aka Tandy) and needs her. Ty and Tandy link up and he not only apologizes to her for lashing out but, asks for her help which is a good thing because they are so much better together. Leading them to a mission at a night club while they attempt to get evidence of the gangs’ activity using the recorder Tandy gave Ty to help him study. Sadly, their plan doesn’t work exactly as planned and the secret drug dealer meeting ends up with all of the local gangs, higher-ups slaughtered.

Fave Quote: “Solitude has made you sassy.”

– Tandy

Episode High: Movie Night. The banter between Ty and Tandy is amazing, it was funny, playful, sassy and provided a bit of lightheartedness to the sadness and isolation of Ty’s situation. It was nice to see them have a little fun.

Episode Low: It was hella heartbreaking to watch Ty hide in the bushes for glimpses of the people that he loves. Aubrey Joseph is an amazing actor and it is evidenced by his ability to break our whole heart as he watches from afar, just the look in his eyes will give you the weepies.

Overall I found Restless Energy to be one of the best season two premieres that I have seen in a long time. It didn’t feel like it missed a beat, built upon the momentum and anticipation from the season one finale, laid out all the major characters and, set up a multitude of possible storylines to keep the viewer on their toes. It was real, emotional, raw, beautifully acted and brilliantly directed. It managed to set things up and place things on 3rd base so that the second part of this two-episode premiere, could knock it out of the park.

I give this episode a solid 9.5