Recap: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow S4E9 – Lucha De Apuestos

Our ragtag team of time traveling bad ass banditos are back with a vengeance, tying up loose ends from the cliffhanger midseason finale and setting up some story lines for the rest of season 4’s run. Lucha De Apuesta shows us the aftermath of Mona trying to help her caveman boyfriend Konane escape the government issued magical creature kidnappers. A wounded Mona ends up in the hospital after the attack and everyone thinks she’s the bad guy. The Legends get called in to bring her in after a daring post op escape where she mindwipes Gary and sends her hairy beau to an unknown point in the past. Her escape and loving reconnection is short lived because she ends up on board the ship after being shot with a tranquilizer dart and the legends try to uncover the real threat from Mona’s far fetched story and bring the caveman back.

Gideon takes the crew to 1961 in Mexico City to investigate an anachronism that leads the team to the Lucha Libre world while Zari stays behind to fact check Mona’s story. Konane has become super famous as Los Lobo sidelining the career Constantine’s fave Luchadore El Cura and turning him into a drunk instead of the bastion of piety that he was supposed to be. Constantine feeling sorry for his hero gives him a bit of a pep talk while Mona realizes that the team plans on returning her love to the unsafe environment. Zari discovers Mona’s story is true and footage was deleted, she shares her discovery with Nate and they discover that the guilty party is his own father. Back at in 1961 Mona tries to warn Konane resulting her almost getting trampled by the crowd before he rescues her and carries her off.

Konane takes Mona back to his lair where they have a nice chat and he makes her a crown of flowers. Nate tries to talk himself out of believing his father is capable of the things that he’s being accused of and he plans a caper with Zari to get his dads phone to see the original security footage while he’s a gala. Back at Konane’s humble abode, Mona and Konane’s sweet date is ruined by the Legends storming in causing him to go literally ape-shit. Luckily, Mona is able to calm him down allowing Sara to subdue him and get everyone back on the ship where Sara gets filled in on Zari and Nate’s discovery.

While Sara goes to tell Ava what’s going on, the Legends on board learn that if they bring Konane back and he doesn’t fight Mexico descends into chaos. So they take him back where El Cura trains him to lose so his victory is uncontested and Konane can hopefully ride off into the sunset with Mona. Unfortunately, in the present Eva finds out where they are and saddles up to roll out. We also catch a glimpse of Constantine’s true love at the party, well his true loves body which may or may not be inhabited by Constantine’s demon arch nemesis.

Zari manages to swipe Nate’s dads phone to uncover the truth while Ava preps to roll an extraction team tos top the fight, despite Sara’s warning that it will mess up the timeline. Constantine tries to help his hero win the fight and make it believable and it is kind of fun to watch him play fanboy. The extraction team shows up and Sara gives the order to act a fool and it is glorious and campy and everything we love about Legends. El Cura saves Konane from being shot by the extraction team which sets him back on track to becoming a star and setting history right.

Nate has a heart to heart with his dad and you can sense it will lead to him being a double agent. Konane and Mona have an adorable date which is interrupted by a well meaning Mick who gives a spoiler to his books which Mona is a fan of , while avoiding letting her know he’s her favorite author. Ava and Sara have it out and realize that they have a fundamentally different world views an call it quits to both of their broken hearts. Mona opens the portal to send Konane home and if you weren’t crying after Ava and Sara broke up you will be because Konane gets shot while they are saying goodbye. But, that’s not the only thing that happens in the last 30 seconds that will give you chills because, saccharine sweet Mona has a secret of her own and it is so AWESOME that I never saw it coming.

Overall, this episode was everything any fan could have wanted for the return of the Legends. There was emotion, action, silliness , seriousness and so much fun. For such a lighthearted show Legends seems to find a way to give you the feels, the character development is so strong that you find yourself rooting for minor characters like Mona and Konane. The setup for what remains of this season was seamless and I’m so ready to see how everything plays out. With such a strong opening I know that the Legend writer’s haven’t lost a beat, they even managed to keep the biggest twist of the episode hidden under wraps until the very end, while making it fit believably into the story. I also really want to play the game Ray invented.

I give this episode a hard 8.9