WonderCon 2109: DC Unveils a New Detective Comics Logo

DC Comics is celebrating 80 years of Batman at WonderCon this weekend. During that 80 years, there’s been more than a dozen logos for Detective Comics. The current logo has been in use since 2003 and made its final appearance this past Wednesday with Detective Comics #1000.

Beginning on April 10th Detective Comics will have a new logo to usher in a new era for the World’s Greatest Detective! The new logo will debut in print on the cover of Detective Comics #1001. This exciting moment in publishing history coincides with the launch of a new Arkham Knight-focused story by Peter J. Tomasi, Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessey, Nathan Fairbairn, and Rob Leigh.

Check out the cover, and new logo, below!

Detective Comics logo
Detective Comics #1001
DETECTIVE COMICS #1001 cover by Walker, Hennessey and Fairbairn.