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Toy Fair 2019: Mezco Reveals New One:12 Collective and their 5 Point Line of Figures

Mezco Toyz brought lots of new figures to Toy Fair 2019 expanding their One:12 Collective line of figures. They debuted a new property in They Live, Hellboy, and IT, and showed off new DC and Marvel figures.

New figures include a new Wonder Woman, Moon Knight, Gambit, Batman (1989), Ultimate Batman, Ghost Rider with motorcycle, and the already announced Captain Marvel. Magneto gets a release date of “Holiday 2019,” Harley Quinn will be released in “Holiday 2019,” and Black Bolt and Lockjaw will be released in 2020.

They also debuted their 5 Points line which features Scooby Doo, Six Million Dollar Man, Space Ghost, Birdman, The Warriors, and Adams Family.

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