Review: Vindication #1

Vindication #1

The return of True Detective has given audiences everywhere quite a complex view of what police officers have to go through in solving cases. We’re taken to three different timelines of two police officers on one particular case. This new season is its most socially relevant as well as its most layered. We get to see how race and the evil men do have intertwined in some of America’s most forgotten corridors.

As in today’s news, the relationship between the police and black communities are just as volatile as it has ever been. The only difference today is the ingenuity of social media and the speed of how fast news is delivered to the world. In the new series from Image Comics, Vindication, we meet one detective who walks the blue line, as he must investigate one suspect which pushes those boundaries.

We meet Turn Washington, an ex-con who served ten years for a crime he may not have committed. We also meet Detective Chip Christopher, the police officer who put him behind bars, and who is determined to see him back there for good and is put with a new partner, Detective Maggie Cruz, who may have her own agenda. As the new partners are called to a murder scene, they find out the victim was a juror on Turn’s case, as Turn is instantly a suspect for this murder because of this. By issue’s end, Chip becomes the focal point of an Internal Affairs investigation, one where he will he walking on egg shells just when he may have evidence implicating Turn.

Overall, an interesting crime procedural story that speaks to the relevant issues of today, especially the police force and the black community. The story by MD Marie feels like an episode of Law & Order. The art by Dema Jr. and Carlos Miko is lucid and vibrant. Altogether, one of the most interesting books to come from this Maverick company as they show that they also can speak to relevant issues.

Story: MD Marie Art: Dema Jr and Carlos Miko
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy